1000 heftl cd zwei front PERFORMER / INTERPRÈTE: 1000 HEFTL
Album Title (titre de l'album): ZWEI
Version of Hey Joe: Hendrix cover in English
Duration of Hey Joe: 4:23
Musical genre / Genre musical: Pop, Rock, Funk
Medium (Support): 2 CD's - 200 copies made
Label: 1000 HEFTL
Cat. Number (Référence): None / Aucune
Mono / Stereo: Stereo
Origin of medium: Germany
©: recorded (enregistré): 1998
®: released (paru): 2000 (February)
Country of interpreter: Band from Egglkofen, Germany (Bavaria)
Members: (membres)

Edi Speckmaier: Gesang, Rhythmusgitare, Keyboard / Vocals, Rhythm guitar, Keyboard
Otto Hohentanner: Gitarren, Gesang / Guitars, Vocals
Jürgen Weingärtner: Bass
Walter Köstlmeier: Schlagzeug, Gesang / Drums, Vocals
Gertrud (Futsch) Kober: Saxophon
Doro Mergner: Trompete / Trompet

Uber die Jahre spielten (mal mehr. mal weniger)
Play, sometimes with 1000 Heftl
Tom Mayr: Bass
Fay: Gesang
Lydia Mayhofer: Gesang
Tito Haftstein: Keyboards
Movie Weissbach: Percussion
Ingrid Gerbl: Accordion (do not play on the CD)

Website: http://1000heftl.jimdo.com/ (broken link, lien mort)

Edi send me the CD. I thank him very much.
I receveid emails from him and from Ingrid. (https://ingrid-gerbl-musik-fuers-leben.jimdo.com/)
Ingrid plays accordion. She plays in a big Orchestra with only Accordions and also with 1000 Heftl
You can see her and Edi in videos on Youtube.
Edi wrote:
Some infos to the CD:
The CD was originally finished in 1998.
The one part are Live Outtakes of performances of our own songs, mostly in Bavarian language, some of them are in the booklet.
We started our as a band doing only PopRockFunkSongs in Bavarian language. in the early Nineties we started to cover songs too because we wanted people to dance while we play. People dance to known songs more often.
Are first CD " 6 im Speicher" contains only own material.
The second CD "Zwei" holds also some known Popsongs, cover Versions.
We recorded some of them in our old studio in analog manner, more by chance than really with a recording plan.
For instance: we didnt really care for the right word and lyrics of Hey Joe.
We catched the musical flow of it and didnt much work on the lyrics/ the story of the song.
Finally we had 5/6 cover songs that felt right so we brought them out as one part of the CD "Zwei".

We made 200 of the CD " Zwei", some are still left in stock.

tracks of the CD Zwei: visit http://www.1000heftl.de/start.html (broken link, lien mort)

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1000 heftl cd zwei booklet pages 1 and 12

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