Breeze CD Faces From The Dark front PERFORMER / INTERPRÈTE: The BREEZE
Album Title (titre de l'album): FACES FROM THE DARK
Beat & Psychedelia From The Modern Music Centre 1965-1969
Version of Hey Joe: Hendrix cover in English
Duration of Hey Joe: 4:28
Musical genre / Genre musical: Beat, Psyche
Medium (Support): CD - 500 copies made
Label: TOP SOUND records Company
Cat. Number (Référence): TSSCD 012
Mono / Stereo: mono
Origin of medium: UK
©: recorded (enregistré): 1967, 1968 or 1969
®: released (paru): 2023
Country of interpreter: 60's band from UK
Members: (membres): unknow
Website: -

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Breeze CD Faces From The Dark label CD

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Track Listing
1 The Henchmen - My Baby's Gone (Martin Jarvis)
2 John Stoughton - Sticks and Stones (Turner)
3 The Trees - Please Go Steady (Unknown)
4 Faces in the Dark - All I Need (Faces in the Dark)
5 Fore Gonks - the Teaser (Unknown)
6 Generation 5 - Come on Back (Unknown)
7 New Conchords - in This World
8 The Diatones - Faces (Unknown)
9 The Chevrons - Why Don't You Love Me Like Before (Unknown)
10 The Grass - I'll Keep Holding on (William Stevenson, Ivy Jo Hunter)
11 Four's Company - I Keep Forgetting (Unknown)
12 The Fables - I Try Too Hard (Unknown)
13 The Breeze - Three Day Eternity (Unknown)
14 Item - N.S.U (Jack Bruce)
15 Sole System - Glendora (Ray Stanley)
16 Tomorrow's Children - LSD (Dick Taylor, Phil May)
17 The Cloud - Doo Doo Song (The Cloud)
18 20th Century Sounds - Flight of the Fortune Teller (Unknown)
19 The Breeze - Hey Joe (Billy Roberts)
20 1984 - Hush (South)
21 British Mad - December 41st (Unknown)
22 The Arthur Hinge Speed Band - Somebody to Love (Darby Slick)
23 Charlotte Black - So You Want to Be a Rock 'N' Roll Star (Jim McGuinn, Chris Hillman)
24 The Cloud - Something You Got (The Cloud)
25 1984 - Fresh Garbage (Jay Ferguson)
26 The Sun - Mind's Garden (Unknown)
27 British Mad - Talking to the Rain (Unknown)
28 Charlotte Black - Charge of the Light Brigade (Terry Clark, Terry Dobson)

The Breeze, text from the booklet:
THE BREEZE Unfortunately one of the crackliest acetates we’ve ever had to work from (as well as being one of the most Google-unfriendly band
names to search for), we felt nevertheless the two sides by the Breeze were essential sélections for Faces From The Dark. We couldn’t find a thing
on the group but its obvious from the musical evidence they were a very talented collective, with ‘Three Day Eternity’ especially being outstanding,
rapid and expeditious power pop led by a fine singer.

Though it engendered dozens of hom- ages in the USA especially, its perhaps surprising that there aren’t that many cover versions of ‘Hey Joe’ that
made it onto vinyl by British groups. The song established the Jimi Hendrix Expérience in Britain with their compelling rendi- tion, Deep Purple
covered it on their début album and Marmalade did a fine depiction. Midlanders the Wages Of Sin recorded it for a German only 45 and similarly
confined to Europe was the Creation’s rendition, which by their standards wasn’t particularly mémorable (reminders of any other Brit covers on a
postcard please).

Though as with ‘Three Day Eternity’ there is still a noticeable degree of interférence even after proficient restor- ation (the only copy we know of has a
bedlam of surface noise), we felt that such a good portrait of Joe couldn’t languish any longer in undeserved obscurity.

And anyway, as John Peel once brilliantly said, “Life has surface noise”, doesn’t it?

The Acetate Three Day Eternity / Hey Joe

Product Notes:
During the mid to late 1960s the Modern Music Centre in London welcomed hundreds of aspirant hopefuls through it's doors at 86 Turnham Green
Terrace in Chiswick. Over seventy acetates at least on the studio's own label are known to exist but the fact that few have ever been released has
ensured the studio remains a largely forgotten venture. It's relatively prolific output of discs however has enabled a most entertaining expedition with
Faces From The Dark, from singular beat to unhinged psychedelia, amidst a good measure of fuzzed our frazzles. Faces From The Dark is a CD
only compilation featuring 28 tracks (of which only 3 have been previously released) and the CD is housed in a wallet with a 64 page booklet.

Limited edition of 500 CDs, a CD wallet with a 64 page booklet. 28 tracks (25 previously unreleased) recorded at the Modern Music Centre studio
in Chiswick London during 1965 to 1969. All tracks restored to the best possible standards from original acetates.

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