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johnny and his snakes cd live 1966-67 Performer: (interprete) JOHNNY and his SNAKES
Album Title (titre de l'album)

JOHNNY and his SNAKES LIVE 1966-1967

Version of Hey Joe: Hendrix cover in English
Duration of Hey Joe: 3:21
Musical genre / Genre musical Beat, Rock
Medium (Support): MP3 from CD
Label: JOHNNY and his SNAKES - Private pressing
Cat. Number (Référence): SNAKES RECORDS 001
Mono / Stereo: Mono
Origin of medium: Denmark
©: recorded (enregistré) 1966 or 1967
®: released (paru) 2004
Country of Interpreter: Band from Nykøbing Falster, Denmark (1964 to 1967)
Members: (membres) Johnny Nielsen: vocals
Morris Rasmussen: lead guitar, vocals
Otto Jensen: organ
Poul Erik Stradel: Bass
Tom Nielsen: drums
Morris Rasmussen: lead guitar, vocals
Bjarne Bendix Pedersen: rhythm-guitar, replaced in 1967 by
Otto Jensen: organ
John Nielsen: Bass, replaced in 1966 by
Poul Erik Stradel: Bass
Jan Mathiesen: drums, replaced in 1964 by Tom Nielsen: drums
Johnny Nielsen: vocals.

Claus Lellinge from sent me Hey Joe from his "do not foundable" CD.
I thank him very much

gb_flag Claus Lellinge write me:
It is understandable, that you have not been able to find a copy of the "Johnny & his Snakes" CD, as it was a private pressing (from the group themselves),
made in 200 copies as a celebration of their 40 years aniversary.

fr_flag Claus Lellinge m'écrit:
Il est compréhensible que tu n'ais pas trouvé un exemplaire du CD de Johnny and his Snakes. C'est un pressage privé (par le groupe, lui-même),
édité en 200 exemplaires à l'occasion de son 40ème anniversaire.

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