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american wiker hey joe cd my personnal artwork
My personnal cover from the CD "Available Jones"
Performer: (interprete) The american wiker aka WALDO TETE D'OSIER
Album Title (titre de l'album)

Hey Joe + unknow song = 6:08

Version of Hey Joe: song "Artman in Hey Joe Land" (Hey Joe)
Strange Leaves cover
in English
Duration of Hey Joe: 5:40
Musical genre / Genre musical Punk
Medium (Support): MP3 - flv
Label: None
Cat. Number (Référence): None
Mono / Stereo: Mono
Origin of medium: USA
©: recorded (enregistré) 2006
®: released (paru)
Country of Interpreter: Performer from Sound Beach,New York, USA
Keith Nathan Albrecht alias Waldo Tete D'Osier (American Wicker) writes produces arranges his own material while humbly submits to playing all the instruments himself

american wiker picture
American Wiker © Keith Nathan Albrecht

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