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60's: all from 1965 to 1971

I at Record and CD fair, Birmingham NEC, England, 1997

I am French, I live in Paris, France. I am collector of Hey Joe since 1967.
After several years of "work", my website is on line. It is not perfect but my purpose is to share my collection with you and notably
to let you know the details of records and CD's which include this Song with the pictures of their sleeves (or labels for 7" singles without cover). More 3000 pictures are included whose more 500 enlarged.
Even if you are not particularly interested in Hey Joe, you will see ,perhaps,pictures of records or CD for the first time.
If I have some time, I would learn PHP and MYSQL to make it more dynamic.
I still have other dozen's versions of Hey Joe. The site will be to updated regularly.
At this time, there is not music here. I shall add it A.S.A.P. In first I shall add versions of singers and bands listed in my list "sixties"

On my website there are only pictures of sleeves of the records and CD's and information about them (recorded, label, origin,
members of the groups)
If you are interested in informations and anecdotes about Hey Joe, Billy Roberts, Niela Miller etc.., visit the website of my Dutch friend Jan Marius at:

Who composed Hey Joe? Hey Joe is attributed to William Moses Roberts Jr aka Billy Robert. But do you know the name of Niela Miller? Thanks to Jan, I met Niela in Amsterdam on 14th July 2005.

I class Hey Joe in 4 categories:
1 a - Leaves covers: sung by Leaves, Byrds, Love, Fever Tree, Heywoods, Soulbenders, Swamprats, Golden Cups, Human Beingz and lotsa others 60's garage bands.
- Hey Joe, arranged by the singer or the band. Example rockalilly version sung first by Number Nine or versions of Tony Roman, Bob Saker, Sammy Lee etc...
1 b - Psyche versions: "slow" Leaves covers. Maybe the Music Machine recorded first
2 - Jimi Hendrix Covers: The most known: I have versions in English (American), German, Spanish, Italian, Brasilian,Hungarian, Norwegian, Hebrew, Lituanian, Slovenian, Ukrainian, Czech, and French, of course.
3 - Mariachi-Latino versions: sung first by Willy de Ville
4 - Freaky / Odd: lyrics of Hey joe but I do not recognize the tune (punk covers), lyrics of Hey Joe sung to the tune of other song or original tune (Lick The Tins: Irish music)

Sometimes the song “Hey Joe” is named: Hey Jimi, Hey Brother, Hey Max, Hey Pete, Hey Woman, Hey Joan but all are sung to the tune of Hey Joe
There are also songs named hey joe but not wrote by billy Roberts: Country version and different songs just named Hey Joe. I am not interested in these songs but I have, all the same, 300 “not billy roberts’s Hey Joe” on my hard  disc (list, clic here).

Who recorded Hey Jo first: The LEAVES or The SURFARIS?
It was the LEAVES. Their 7" single, MIRA 207, that features their first version of Hey Joe was published in December 1965 (The 7" single promo in November 1965).
The Surfaris recorded Hey Joe in June 1966.
The same year (but perhaps at the end of 1965), the Group SONS OF ADAM recorded Hey Joe (anyway before The SURFARIS)
This band had the same label as The SURFARIS : Decca.
Decca shut out the release of the SONS OF ADAM's version to give priority to the SURFARIS.
Nearly 50 years later, the version of the SONS OF ADAM has still not been released.
It's a pity because when you listen to the other songs of SONS OF ADAM, you realize that they were an excellent group and we can only assume that their version of Hey Joe
must be worth listening to.
For when the integral release of the songs of SONS OF ADAM (released and originals) in Vinyl or CD?
See the poster HEY JOE of Third Story Music on The Leaves's page.
Bands listed on this poster are: The LEAVES, LOVE, ENEMIES, The SAFARIS, SAMMY LEE and SON OF ADAM. (Real names ENEMYS, SURFARIS, SONS OF ADAM)

Why this collection?
I like the music from the 60’s: Pop, Rock, R’n’B, Beat, Psyche, Garage and French variety, of course.
In 60’s I am teenager; My girl friend gift me the EP of Jimi Hendrix “Hey Joe” and I buy hey joe by Johnny (in France all people know “Johnny” means Johnny Hallyday)
All the mornings, I listened to these 2 versions before I go to work. (I already quit the school and unfortunately the English lessons too)
In Paris there are many records stores. In some one’s I can find records (or audio tapes) from the USA, England and same from all around the world.
I buy the LP’s of: Music Machine, Cher, Tim Rose and Les Charlots, because I like its funny parody of French Hey Joe named Hey Max.
Lyrics of French version of Hey Joe are totally different that the Lyrics of the English version.
In 1968, all the Saturdays evening I go in a club “Milord Mods”, Beaujolais street in Paris, near the Louvre museum.
The DJ put on some very good music.
At Milord Mods, For the first time I Listen to Hey Joe by the Leaves and I like very much this version.
The DJ talks me the similar version is sung by the other groups: Love and the Byrds.
I buy the LP Leaves “Hey Joe”, the Byrds “firth dimension” and the EP of Love (my little red book, hey joe…)
I think I have begun my collection at this time. (I have approximately 20 versions)

From 60’s to 90’s, I visit the records stores and the records fairs. I look for in all the records if I find a new hey joe.
Also, I Buy magazines containing announcements (Records collector from England, Goldmine from USA, and Juke Box from France). I can buy Hey Joe but it is not easy: I must change Francs to USD or Pounds and I must send money hidden in registered letter; It takes very long time
In early 90’s I roughly have got one hundred versions.

In 1997 I have the internet at home. It is magic. I find hey joe by a multitude of singers and groups. For very much, it is the first time I see their names.
I can also buy hey joe by the groups that I know but unavailable in France.
I download versions from the “Share websites” Galaxy, Napster et caetera (and later from Youtube, Myspace, Sugarmeg, Internet archive). In the past I downloaded all versions I found; Now I download only versions not cut and in preference by bands (not performer alone who sing or plays hey joe); I do not download no more hey Joe when the sound is very bad
Now, I buy hey joe at amazon or Itunes or other legal mp3 websites when the CD is only available in mp3.
Otherwise I prefer to buy the record or the CD

I download songs in video, flac, shorten,mp3, wav, wma formats. Then I convert them in MP3. I have hundred’s versions on my hard disk, not converted yet. I hope I can work about them soon.
Today I have 2020 versions (only thirty female singers) finished and listed and Hundred’s versions in different formats I must to convert in MP3

I know other “guys” like me who are collectors of hey joe: My Dutch friend Jan Marius, a French friend of mine “Polo”, I met him in a records store in the 90’s, and Slavko from Croatia who collects the 45 RPM singles and EP's more particularly. Michael Holman of 3MDR, radio of Melbourne, Australia, 97.1FM always begins his program "The Almost Blue Show"' every Thursday at 9 pm (Melbourne time) with a version of Hey Joe.

The rarest covers of HEY JOE
DEVIL’S OWN – Only 4 copies known. In 2009 this 7” single has been sale 1500 US Dollars on Ebay by an American seller.
The rarest French band who sing Hey Joe (in English) is The HOT DOGS, 60’s group  formed in Arras, in the north of France. The EP has been released in 1967 but I found it only in 90’s
the rarest of the rarest version of Hey Joe
THE SOUND OF THE REIGN: LP Reigned Out - USA 1967 - Band from Minnesota, USA - only 2 or 3 copies known . In 2010 one copy of this LP has been sale 4000 US Dollar on Ebay by an French seller
and 5000 US dollars in 2012 by an american seller (the same record??,perhaps) .
The BLUES UNLIMITED: 7" single label BEET RECORDS # BEET BRC 3056 (USA, 1967) - number of copies: unknow - I have never seen a picture of this single