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information about me and why this collection: clic here
Hey Joe not wrote by Billy Roberts: list here

Rockabilly versions are listed in the 'Leaves covers': Bap Kennedy, Danny and the Wonderbras, Fargone Beauties (folk/Rockabilly), Fretz, Joscho Stephan, Los Chilaqz,
Number Nine and Rusty Evans
but Paul Ansell (of Number Nine) is in "Hendrix covers"

(artwork) below = artwork made by myself.

I added 80 rares versions of hey joe (128 mbps) in a file rar (331 Mo): list here

LAST Update in October 2018

In 2017, my Dutch friend Jan Marius Franzen informed me of the death of Billy Roberts.
Billy Roberts was credited for writing Hey Joe, which he copyrighted in 1962.
William Moses "Billy" Roberts Jr., born August 16, 1936 in Greenville, South Carolina, died on October 7, 2017 in Georgia, United States.
Billy Roberts never, to my knowledge, recorded Hey Joe in studio, he played it in Clubs, including 1987 at Bouncer's in San Francisco with Summer Of Love All Stars,
with John Cipollina

Tim Rose / Jimi Hendrix
Tim Rose is the first performer to have sung hey joe that I call "hendrix cover".
I chose Jimi Hendrix for my titles because it is the best known version.
Jimi Hendrix heard hey joe by Tim Rose at Cafe Wah? in New York, probably in 1965 since Jimi Hendrix already played hey joe at Cafe Wah? in early 1966, before leaving for England and recording his version inspired by that of Tim Rose.
For that I chose to add Tim Rose next to Jimi hendrix in my titles. I will update Tim Rose's page soon

The end of a myth
Yazid Manou, press officer and Jimi Hendrix specialist, published an article in Juke Box Magazine (in French) and JimPress in September 2018.
Yazid Manou drew my attention to these articles by email. Here is the English version published in Jim Press:
Hey Johnny! - No Jimi!
In the bonus material of the TV documentary Johnny Hallyday - La France Rock 'n' Roll, released on DVD 6 June 2018, Johnny, in his final filmed interview from LA in April 2017, confirmed (for the very first time) that Jimi didn’t play with him on the "Hey Joe" studio recording.
We all knew it but at last the late singer told the truth just a few months before his death. An end to that crazy story that began 25 years ago.

New Performers:
Yann Lem (Hey Jo in French)

Added pictures (some of them enlarged) on pages of:

Roy Buchanan: Since June 2018, I have only worked about Roy Buchanan. More than 120 concerts listed featuring hey joe. I added 400 pictures and 170 enlarged pictures.
I also created artworks for CDs when did not exist and I created CD labels when the jacket existed but not the label. enjoy!

1000 Heftl
, Dolphin, Friar Tuck and the Monks, Fuzzfogs, Yuya Uchida and the Flowers

Made corrections
Brucher Blues Band (list of members)

UpdateD IN May 2018
New Performers:
My Croatian friend Slavko Mustapić offered me (again) three discs as a gift: a CD of God Street Wine, Tony Lee King and Troubadour Blues Band. I thank you, Slavko.
Alexander Khodchenko,
BGF Band - a tribute to Bambi Fossati (of Garybaldi)
Enzo Pietropaoli Wire Trio
Grandmothers Of Invention
Jimmy Ondo link to Hey Joe mp3 128 mbps on the page
Frankie's Jazz Trio feat. Francesco Di Giovanni
Gaetano Liguori
Manilla Road

Added pictures (some of them enlarged) on pages of:
1000 Heftl
Boss Tweeds aka Bill Wendry and the Boss Tweeds: artwork for CD live in Newport in 1968
Friar Tuck and the Monks
Johnny Hallyday (in memoriam picture)

Made corrections
If you visited this site between 5 and 18 May 2018, you may have noticed a layout error for some interpreters. This was due to a bad correction of a CSS line. This defect is repaired.
Brucher Blues Band (list of members) The Byrds: demo version of Hey Joe released in 1966, not in 1967

Updated in 2017
in November 2017,
My Croatian friend Slavko Mustapić offered me three discs as a gift: a CD of Jesse James and the MOB and two singles of the Surfaris (pink labels) and the Rogues, German pressing. I thank him very much.
I updated the pages of the Surfaris and the Rogues and I created the Jesse James and the MOB's page.
Slavko also sent me pictures of the very rare record 45 rpm EP of the Scorpions, a Swiss band from the 60's. I updated the page
(Slako is collector of Singles and EP's included Hey Joe)
Slavko sent me (again) new pictures of: Aaron Lordson, The Byrds, Calder's Collection, The Leaves, The Rogues and Wages of Sin.
About the Fantastic Dee-Jays, I made big mistake. I wrote the Fantastic Dee-Jay pre Warlocks instead of Fantastic Dee-Jays pre Swamp Rats.
Fortunately my Croatian friend Slavko Mustapić visited my website and wrote me:
in website is an mistake : The Fantastic Dee-Jays are NOT Pre-Warlocks, They are Pre-Swamp Rats..
The error was corrected. Thank you, Slavko

New Performers:

, Adam Palma, All Our Friends Are Dead, Anathema, Azna De Lader, Bernie Worrel and Gypsy Soul (artwork), Big Belly's Blues Band , Bill Perry (artworks), Billy Joel, Blinstone, Boom Shaka (from USA not from South Africa), Burr and Klaiber, Club 27, Cold War Relicz (artwork), Crushers, Dave Fields, Davide Drusian, Ed Kuepper,
Fantastic Dee-Jay pre Swamp Rats, Garbage Men, Giovani Leoni 2, Graal, Gransten Bluesband, Griffith Harter Union link to Hey Joe mp3 128 mbps on the page,
Hazel Miller and Hymie Smith, Honey Pot, Jesse James and the MOB, Jimi Barbiani Band, Jimmy D Lane, Little Jimmy and the Blackbirds, Los Contentos,
Los Lobos (artworks), Low Times, Mick Rutherford Band, Ossan Band, Paul Wather, Riff Diamond, Rob Buick, Rob Love, Steve Earle and the Dukes, the Tenants,
Tres, Uli Von Roth and Villa 21

Added pictures (some of them enlarged) on pages of:
Ant Trip Ceremony, Bad Company, Bob Dylan, Grana Louise , Leaves: Oups, I forgot to add pictures from this group that recorded Hey Joe first. I added them,
Love (artwork live at Troubadour 1993), Lee Moses (CD Hendrix in Jazz), Moods (LP live at Turner Hall), Rogues, Scorpions, Surfaris, Willy De Ville (LP and CD Hendix in Jazz),
and U 235

Made corrections
Leaves LP Hey Joe label Festival # FDLX 525, France released in 1967, not in 1966
Ant Trip Ceremony LP 24 Hours label Resurrection released in mid eighties, not in mid sixties. Original LP CRC 2129 has been recorded in 1968, not in 1967.

updated in 2016:
New Performers:
Camaro's , Char, Dee Alexander, Erika Stucky, Eugene Chadbourne, Fabulous Troubadores, Gears, Glisson, Jammin The Blues, Jimi Hockin's Blues Machine,
Joscho Stephan, Jussi Hamalainen, Kastro, Kofo The Wonderman, Mitchell Cox Aledort (Mitch Mitchell and Billy Cox "Freedom" live in Japan in 2004),
Solo Razafindrakoto, Stencils, Stryper, Terence and Tight Wire, Tip Band (Unknow Artist) and Vedran Božić and Rock Masters

Added pictures (some of them enlarged) on pages of:
Baobas, Baronen, Bo Weevil, Carmen Consoli, Carson, Castiles feat. Bruce Springsteen, Charlie Harper, Cher, Crazy Women, Creation, Danny and the Wonderbras,
Dutch Rhythm Steel and Show Band, Elektryczne Gitary, Enemys, Euphoria's Id, Frantic, Golden Cups, Group Therapy, Hazards, Hobo Blues Band, Hollywood Squares,
Johnny Hallyday,, Kristin Oppenheim, Les Charlots, Love, Mad Sound, More Experience, Peewee Bluesgang, Peter Belli, Pied Pipers, Roks, Shadows of Knight, Sound Of Seasons,
Tangents The Sound Of The Reign, Thee Sixpence and Ultimate Spinach

Made corrections
in Leaves's covers list: The Fragile Zookeeper, not the Fragile Zookeepers
Mass Confusion: (Hey Joe released in 1969 not in 1968) Band from New York (Brooklin), NY, USA
Kenny Bernard: Hey Joe released in 1966 not in 1967
Sean Boniwell of Music Machine died in 2011 and not in 2001
The Sound Of The Reign is the name of the band, Reigned Out is the album title and not the contrary (I thank Slavko Mustapić for this information)

next update, pages of:

Sorry, I am very buzy. My priority is the new performers with their pictures, sometimes enlarged. I shall updated the following performers A.S.A.P.
Marmalade, Mel Brown, Rainbow / Blackmore's Night, Rising Force / Steelers feat Yngwie J. Malmsteen, Roy Buchanan , Sisters Of Mercy and others.

Last update: May 30, 2018