dog talk cd not quite ourselves PERFORMER / INTERPRÈTE: dog talk
Album Title (titre de l'album): NOT QUITE OURSELVES
Version of Hey Joe: Hendrix cover in English
Duration of Hey Joe: 5:43
Musical genre / Genre musical: Reggae
Medium (Support): CD
Cat. Number (Référence): DT-CQ-NQO
Mono / Stereo: Stereo
Origin of medium: USA
©: recorded (enregistré): 2000
®: released (paru): 2000
Country of interpreter: Band from Indianapolis, Indiana,USA
Members: (membres) Michael Beck: Percussionist, Vocals
Bill Lancton: Guitar, Midi Guitar, Vocals
Jim Litchfield: Bass, Percussion
Cliff White: Vocals, Percussion
Kenny Kipp: Horns, Keyboards, Vocals

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