PERFORMERS WHO SING Hey Joe but not wrote by Billy Roberts: COUNTRY VERSIONS
Anita KERR: LP The Hit Sound label RCA Victor # LPM-2480, USA, 1962 & LP The Genius label RCA Victor # LPM-2581, USA, 1962
Artie MALVIN: 7" 45rpm label Prom # 45-1056, USA, 1953 and 10" 78rpm label His Master's Voice # E.A. 50003, Australia, 1953
side A: Enoch Light and his Orchestra: Dragnet / side B Artie Malvin: Hey Joe
BENNY and ME: CD Diggin Up Roots, USA, 2009
Bob FISHER and Les MORGAN Orchestra: 10" 78 rpm various label Campus # R223, USA, 1954
side A: Carol Ryan with the Ray Cole Orchestra: My Love, my Love / Jack Wilson with the Bill Hayman Orchestra: Eh, Cumpari
side B: Bob Fisher and the Ted Holmes Orchestra: hey Joe! - Carol Ryan, Jack Martin with the Les Morgan Orchestra: Dear John Letter

Bob FISHER and Ted HOLMES Orchestra: 10" 78 rpm label Campus # C104 and 7" 45 rpm various label Campus # C101, USA, 1954
gbflag the 2 versions of Bob Fisher with The Morgan Orchestra and with Ted Holmes Orchestra seem identical
frflag les 2 versions de Bob Fisher avec Les Morgan Orchestra et avec Ted Holmes Orchestra semblent identiques

Bob GALLION: 7" Froggy Went A' Courtin' / Hey Joe label MGM # K12858, USA, 1959 (28 December)
Bob LUMAN: 7" EP, USA, 1962: hey joe / let's think about living / boston rocker / the pig latin song
Bobby DEAN And The DRIFTERS: 7" Hey Joe / Chattanooga Shine Boys, USA, 1968
Bobby PRINS: 7" single Mockin'Bird Hill / Hey Joe label Monopole # 82/45014, Belgium, 1982
Bohumil ZEMAN: 7" various "Setting The Wits On Fire" label Supraphon # SUEP 587, Czecholosvakia, 1958
Václav Kučera Se Svou Skupinou (group) directed by Václav Kučera
side A - Marta Kučerová : Setting The Wits On Fire / Bohumil Zeman: Hey joe
side B - Znovu Vítězíš : You Win Again / Marta Kučerová : Mama, Mama

Bruno ROSETTANI: 12" 78 rpm label Durium # 10483, Italy, 1956
Cab CALLOWAY and The FOUR BELLS:7" 78 rpm: Gambler's Guitar / Hey Joe label Bell # 1009, USA, 1954
Carl SMITH: 7" 45 rpm Columbia # 4-21129 and 10" 78 rpm Columbia # 21129: Hey Joe / Darlin' I Am The One, USA, 1953
Hey Joe by Carl Smith on 10" Carl Lefty and Marty label Columbia, House Party Series ‎# CL 2544, USA, 1955
Carl YOUNG: 7" Hey Joe / I Never Saw A Flower In Tootsie's Orchid Lounge label Revelation Records # Ltd 4021-8 USA, 1974
Chuck MEAD and his GRASSY KNOLL BOYS: CD+DVD, Back at the Quonset Hut label Ramseur Records ‎# none, USA, 2012
Claudia PAYNE: CD Same label Claudia Payne # CPCD2001, Canada, 2003 - country version but not Boudleaux Bryant
CLUTTERBILLIES: CD Feelin' Good label ClutterBillies Entertainment ‎# CL112, Norway, 2012
country version but not Boudleaux Bryant

Curley ARNOLD: 7" EP label Victory-Record-O-Mail Co. # BG-1035 3, A- 1032 3, USA, 1950
and 12" 78 rpm Victory - Record-O-Mail Co. # 3, USA, 1950

Dave TODD: Hey joe / Happy Journey, label Rodeo International # RO. 3171, Canada, 196?
DE TAMARA'S: LP Face to Face label Paprika records # P.0255 / 1030, Holland, 1981
Dean MICHAELS: 7" Hey Joe / Washwoman, USA, 1970 - country version but not Boudleaux Bryant
Delbert BARKER: 7" EP various label Queen City records # 4-41,Kentucky, USA, 1952
side A: Delbert Barker, Hey Joe / Jim fair, Danny Boy - side B: Delbert Barker, trade mark / Jim Fair, I'd Rather Die Young
Delbert Barker reissued on CD Kentucky Hillbilly Rockabilly Man, USA, 2011

Dervin JAMES and Lee LESSIG: TAPE ‎Just Because
Diadorius BOUDLEAUX BRYANT: USA, 1953 - wrote Hey Joe in 1953
his LP Boudleaux's Bestseller, MLP 8007/SLP-18007 was recorded in 1963
Dick RODGERS: Hey Joe Polka - 2LP Polkas Hall Of Fame label Polka City # 376,USA, 197?
DONE AGAIN: Hey Joe! (Carl Smith) digital download, karaoke, USA, 2012
Duke HAZLETT: 7" Hey Joe / B side JACK RICHARDS Crying In The Chapel label Broadway # 45-253, USA, 195?
Eddie BLAZONCZYK and the VERSATONES: CD Greatest Hits Vol 2 label Cleveland International # CIR-1018-2, USA, 1997
Eddie BOND: 7" EP various: Eddie Bond, Hey Joe label Millionaire # 698B-3587, USA, 1965
Ernie FORD aka Tennessee Ernie FORD born Ernest Jennings Ford CD Rare Radiozark Transcriptions label TRG records, USA
and LP "Early Country Days of the Late Tennessee Ernie Ford" label Cowgirlboy Records # LP 5068, USA, 1992
Ferry GRAF and the TEXAS KLANGE: 7" Beinah In Carolina / Hey-Joe label Elite Special # W541, Austria, 1955
Frank IFIELD: LP I'm Confessin' (That I Love You) label Capitol Records # T-10356, USA, 1963
Frankie LAINE: 7" single and 10" 78 rpm: Hey Joe / Sittin' In The Sun label columbia # 40036, USA, 1953
Frankie VAUGHAN: 10" 78 rpm Hey Joe / So Nice In Your Arms label His Master's Voice # 10560, UK, 1953
Franky VALJO: 7" single Hey Joe / Ik Heb Me Weer Vergist label Paprika # 0433/4032, Belgium, 1982
Fred EUBANKS: 7" single Hey joe or Hey Joe ( Don't Throw me up) label Trend # 1015, USA, 1966
Gino KING: 7" single Hey Joe / Mr. Moon label Arc # 45-1129, Canada, 1966
Goldie HILL (Carl Smith's wife): LP Country Hit parade label Decca # DL-74492, USA, 1964
GREENHORNS (Zelenáči in Czech): 7" single Hej Joe / Hromskej Den label Panton # 44 0475, Czechoslovakia, 1973
LP Greenhorns'73 - label Panton # 22 0298-9, Czechoslovakia, 1973
HANA: Hey Joe single (digital song) label Hanamusic, 2011 - country version but not Boudleaux Bryant
HAPPY SCHNAPPS COMBO: CD Beer Muscle label The Happy Schnapps Combo # BM0499, USA, 1999
HOMER and JETHRO: 45rpm "You-Ewe-U" label RCA Victor # 5555, USA, 1953
song Hey Shmo (parody of Carl Smith's "Hey, Joe")
I TROVATORI: 7" EP Mule Skinner Blues - label Vogue " EPL. 8.086, France, 1963
Jack D. MYRICK: CD Old Country's Greatest Hits vol.1, USA, 2000
Jerry JERICHO,7" single Hey Joe / Crying In The Chapel Label Blue Ribbon records # 3S-28, USA, 1953
Jim MUNDI: 7" Hey Joe / That's The Way It Ought To Be label Hickory # 45-K-1589, USA, 1971
John LAWS: LP Rocks In M' Pocket And Dirt In M' Shoes label RCA Victor ‎# SP-114-G, Australia, 1972
John MAINES Jr: 7" single No Teardrops Tonight / Hey Joe label Baldwin # CS8463, USA, 1982
Johnny BOND, DVD various ‎Classic Country Superstars, Germany, 2005
Hey Joe, video from the original 'Ranch Party' USA TV show 1956/'57

Keith KALLEN and the THUNDERBIRDS: 7" single I Love You More And More Every Day/Hey joe, USA 1964
reissued on CD Compated Cats, Netherlands, 2005
Kitty WELLS: 7" & 10" 78 rpm: Hey Joe / My Cold Cold Heart Is Melted Now label Decca 84861, , USA, 1953
LONZO and OSCAR: 7" single Hey Joe (parody)/ It Can't label Decca # 9-28972, USA
and LP Country Comedy Time label Decca # DL 4363, USA, 1963
Marc TAYNOR (born Marcel POINCIGNON): OST The Hellions label BARCLAY # 72.524, France, 1961
Marko ČERMÁK: ‎Hej Joe (Hey joe) 2CD Poslední Romantik label Supraphon ‎# SU 6004-2, Czech Republic, 2010
Mary KOHLER Und Die WESTERN BOYS: 7" Hey Joe / Noch immer kein Brief label Telefunken # U 55 543, Germany, 1963
Milt STONE: 7" EP - label Micro records # 1052, USA, 1953 and 10" 78 rpm label Cameo " 1052, USA, 1953
Side A: Milt STone: Hey Joe / Preston Sandiford Orchestra: Tropicana / Faith Wilson: C'est si Bon
Side B: Lucille Dane: my Love My Love / Preston Sandiford Orchestra: Dragnet / Faith Wilson: Dear John

Mirrek HOFFMANN (of Greenhorns): hej Joe (Hey Joe)
CD Zelenáči Mirka Hoffmanna ‎– Zlaté Hity Volume 1 label 6P # X10017-2311, Czech Republic, 1994
Moe BANDY and Joe STAMPLEY: 7" single Hey Joe / Two Beers Away label Columbia # 11-60508, USA, 1981
MURAT TEMPLE (Murat Country-Western Band): LP Love Song label PMI Promotions ‎# 0002644-8104N4, USA, 19??
OLDER COURTS (The): CD Country Classics, Vol. 1 label Coldhofsound # 193428739512, Netherlands, 2019
country version but not Boudleaux Bryant
OSBORNE BROTHERS: LP From Rocky Top To Muddy Bottom label CMH Records ‎# CMH-9008, USA, 1977
PRO MEDIA:Hey joe, country version. i downloaded this song in 2003.
PUSSICAT: 7" single hey Joe / Love In september label EMI Bovema ‎# 13c 006-26127, Holland, 1978
country version but not Boudleaux Bryant

Ralf BENDIX with Hans Carste Und Sein Orchester:
99 Jahr' (Geht Meine Post Jetzt Nach Sing-Sing) / Hey, Joe label Electrola # 7 MW 17-8646, Germany, 1956
Raymond ROULEAU: LP Same label Montagnard # S-14072, Canada, 196?
REBEL STEEL: Hey Joe , country version: I only have got the intro of the song. I downloaded it in 2005.
Réjean et Chantal MASS&Eacute: LP L'Hôtel et la Boisson Pour Oublier label Bonanza # B-29734, Canada, 1977
(chantal is the daughter of Réjean)

Ron HANSHAW: Hey Joe country version, USA, 2007 - still available at:
Roy McCONNELL and his ORCHESTRA: 7" single, Hey Joe / Allez Vous En label Royale # 45525, USA, 195?
RUNAWAY TRUCK TRAMPS: CD Same label Runaway Truck Tramps # none, USA, 2007
SEARCHERS: LP Hear, Hear label Mercury ‎# MG 20914, USA, 1964
STATLER BROTHERS: LP Alive at The Johnny mack Brown High School in 1974 label Mercury ‎# SRM-1-708, USA, 1974
reissued on CD The Complete Lester "Roadhog" MORAN and The cadillac Cowboys label Mercury # 314-518 944-2, USA, 1994

Tomáš LINKA: Hej Joe (Hey Joe) CD Přámí Linka Do Vzpomínek label B.M.S. ‎# MM0211-2, Czech Republic, 2002
Tony VILLEMURE: 7" single Hey Joe (B. Bryant) / Une Lettre A Jean label RCA victor # 43-7168, Canada, 1954
TRIO HILL BILLY’S: hé! Jo! (B.Bryant), 7" EP Les Cow-boys  de l'Harmonica label Ducretet Thomson " 460 V 031, France 1954
and LP 33 tours 25 cm (33 rpm 10"), Crazy Horse Saloon - label Ducretet thomson # 260 V 047, France, 1955
and 7" Les Cow-boys  de l'Harmonica label Telefunken # 11770 TELEFUNKEN (Hé! jo! / Sioux city Sue), Germany, 1954
VACLAV VUCERA Orchestra: 7" EP Setting The Wits On Fire?, Yougoslavia, 1958
WEST WIND: CD Especially For You label Saddle records # SR-32896, USA, 1998 (Hey Joe recorded in 1996)
WILD CANYON: CD Let's Hear It Again Vol.2 label Stone bridge records # SB190512, Germany, 2012

gbflag I am only collector of Billy Roberts's Hey Joe. But I have got the versions:
in green ink: in CD, vinyl or tape / in red ink: in mp3 and/or video.
frflag Je suis seulement collectionneur de Hey joe de Billy Roberts. Mais Je possède les versions:
en vert: en CD, vinyl ou K7 / en rouge: en mp3 et/ou vidéo.