hot dogs ep cover PERFORMER / INTERPRÈTE: The hot dogs
Album Title (titre de l'album): Hey Joe / St Louis blues / long tall shorty / le temps des pleurs
Version of Hey Joe: Hendrix Cover in English
Duration of Hey Joe: 3:10
Musical genre / Genre musical: Blues, Pop
Medium (Support): 7" EP
Cat. Number (Référence): HD 467
Mono / Stereo: Mono
Origin of medium: France
©: recorded (enregistré): 1967
®: released (paru): 1967
Country of interpreter: 60's Band from Arras, France
Members: (membres) J.C. Vioux : Guitare solo / Lead Guitar
H. Apolinarski : Guitare basse / Bass
G. Hamonet : Guitare accompagnement / guitar
D. Truffier : Batterie / Drums
G. Dupas : Orgue / Organ
G. Faitrop : Saxo tenor / Tenor Sax
M. Régnier : Accordeon / Accordion
Jean-Claude Lair : Harmonica
Bernard Larde : Chanteur / Singer
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Text from Discogs about this EP:
These guys were from around Arras (north of France). This private pressing was made to be sold at ballrooms and local gigs, so it's not very
easy to find. Tracks A2 and B2 are forgettable instrumentals. The "Long Tall Shorty" cover is very nice and honest (the record is well recorded)
while the masterpiece is the "Hey Joe" cover : the music is not bad but the singer who doesn't know the words sings in an hilarious english
from Mars that doesn't mean a thing. In France we call this the "Yaourt" language (laughs guaranteed).

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