allen marc cd jam bones PERFORMER / INTERPRÈTE: marc allen
Album Title (titre de l'album): JAM BONES
Version of Hey Joe: Hendrix cover in English
Duration of Hey Joe: 3:35
Musical genre / Genre musical: Blues, Pop, Rock
Medium (Support): mp3
Label: Marc Allen Guitar Music, Inc.
Cat. Number (Référence): -
Mono / Stereo: Stereo
Origin of medium: USA
©: recorded (enregistré): 2005-2006
®: released (paru): 2007
Country of interpreter: Performer from Tulsa Metro Area, Oklahoma, USA
Members: (membres)

Marc Allen started this recording in 2005 and finished it in 2006

gb_flag September 2008: Song only available in US and Canadian Itunes - Not yet in Europa - Marc Allen sent me the song.
I thank him very much
fr_flag Septembre 2008: Chanson disponible uniquement sur Itunes US et Canada - pas encore en Europe.
Marc Allen m'a envoyé la chanson - je le remercie beaucoup

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