Album Title (titre de l'album): USA SAMPLER
Version of Hey Joe: Hendrix Cover in English
Duration of Hey Joe: 7:11
Musical genre / Genre musical: Blues
Medium (Support): Audio Tape recorded in USA
Label: None / Aucun
Cat. Number (Référence): None / Aucune
Mono / Stereo: Mono
Origin of medium: GB
©: recorded (enregistré): late 80's or early 90's
®: released (paru): ?
Country of interpreter: Performer from Manchester, UK
(still based in France? in 90's he lived in Bordeaux)
Members: (membres) Victor Brox: Vocals, Organ, guitar

Victor Brox were member of bands: AYNSLEY DUNBAR RETALIATION, VICTOR BROX BLUES TRAIN etc...
Tracks on the tape:
1 Sick and Tired (Brox) / 2 Framed (arranged Brox) / 3 I Can't Stop Loving You / 4 Run You Off The Hill (Brox) / 5 This Island Earth (Brox)
6 Sweet Home Chicago./ 7 Blueberry Hill / 8 Voodoo Man (Brox) / 9 Ballad Of Alexis Korner (Brox) / 10 Winning Streak (Brox) / 11 Hey Joe
12 Long Legged baby (arranged Brox) / 13 Shotgun Blues / 14 Midnight Hour

gb_flag I thank William Brookes (GB) very much for this collector. William bought the tape directly from Victor Brox during a gig in Bolton, UK
when I asked to william: Do you remember when this tape was recorded?
he answered me:
All I can tell you is that the gig in Bolton was in the summer and it would be in the late eighties/early nineties
Victor was selling the tapes at his gigs, having been to the US where the tracks were recorded.

fr_flag Je remercie beaucoup William Brookes (GB) pour ce collector. William a acheté la cassette directement à Victor Brox lors d'un concert à
Bolton (GB)
quand j'ai demandé à William s'il se rappelait quand cette cassette avait été enregistée
il me répondit:
Tout ce que je peux te dire c'est que le concert à Bolton a eu lieu en été à la fin des années 80 ou début des années 90.
Victor vendait les cassettes lors de ses concerts et se trouvait aux États Unis lorsque les titres ont été enregistrés.

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