outer mongolian herd single side hey joe PERFORMER / INTERPRÈTE: The outer mongolian herd
Album Title (titre de l'album): Hey Joe / I want to love you
Version of Hey Joe: Leaves cover in English
Duration of Hey Joe: 2:08
Musical genre / Genre musical: 60's garage
Medium (Support): 7" Single
Label: DAISY
Cat. Number (Référence): 4846 / 4847
Mono / Stereo: Stereo
Origin of medium: USA
©: recorded (enregistré): 1968 (January)
®: released (paru): 1968
Country of interpreter: Band from Birmingham, Alabama, USA
Members: (membres) Patrick Devon: Keyboards
Glenn Griffin
Jerry Jones
Terry Nemish
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gb_flag Slavko Mustapić from Croatia, sent me the pictures of this rare 7" single.
I thank him very much
fr_flag Slavko Mustapić de Croatie, m'a envoyé les photos de ce rare 45T.
Je le remercie beaucoup

outer mongolian herd single side i want to love you

same version on CD / même version sur CD:

outer mongolian herd cd psychedelic states volume 2 front PERFORMER / INTERPRÈTE: The outer mongolian herd
album Title (titre de l'album) PSYCHEDELIC STATES Alabama in the 60'S vol 2
Version of Hey Joe: Leaves cover in English
Duration of Hey Joe: 2:08
Musical genre / Genre musical 60's garage
Medium (Support): CD
Cat. Nr / Référence: GF-192
Mono / Stereo: Stereo
Origin of medium: USA
©: recorded (enregistré) 1968
®: released (paru) 2002

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outer mongolian herd cd psychedelic states volume 2 booklet 1

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Texte from the booklet:

Psychedelic States: Alabama In The 60's- Volume 2
We take our second look at the great state of Alabama, a real hot bed of garage. psych, and rock music In the 60's. While some of these releases have been previously compiled through the years. what you will find refreshing and different about this project is the wealth of information and photos of the bands. We believe the story of these bands to be as important as the music itself and have spent countless hours trying to find the band members themselves,. Or,. at the very least, some historical information about them. We once again state that legitimacy and honesty in this busmess goes a long way. and the musicians we have released to date stand as a testament to this belief.
While we have made every attempt to contact the bands in this Compilation, we were not successful in all cases. So, once again, we extend the invitation to each and every band member to contact and assist us in providing biographies and hopefully photos to more accurately represent the group.
I would like to take this opportunity to once again thank Jeff Lemlich,. Mike Markesich,. Ray Ehmen. Max Waller, and Barry Wickham for supplying the 45s,. photos,. biographical information, and band contacts used in this project. Special thanks to Ivor at Delerium Records (www.delerium.co.uk) for his updates to the Fuzz,. Acid. and Flowers website. But most of all, we would like to take the opportunity to thank the musicians themselves who made this music. including those we were not able to locate.

Roger Maglio
Gear Fab Records
Orlando. Florida
October. 2002

1) #38- The Chimes (Douglas Huber). Dothan Publishing. BMI. 2:27
Sounding somewhat like a hard-edged Archie Bell & The Drells. this Dothan. Alabama group released this song b/w "Foolish Pride" on the Matrix label (777) in early 1968.
Mike Markesich notes that the song was actually written by a local AM radio DJ and the band members came up with the music. The DJ evidently sang the song but the
flipside was a band composition. The flange and tremolo guitar effects are used quite nicely hmmm, a mysterious thing that came to earth?

2) Come On And Love Me- The Vikings (Putman/Nettles). Sunalee Music. BMI . 2:28
Released on the Viking (1000) label in 1966 and b/w "I Will Never Go". Charles Nettles was the leader and main songwriter for this Birmingham band, but they are best
remembered as the group that featured future Muscle Shoals legend Wayne Perkins. Perkins started out doing sessions at Bob Grove's Prestige Studio, on First Avenue in Birmingham. After teaming up with Nettles and the rest of the gang, the Vikings staked their Claim as one of the city's top bands. with influences ranging from Booker T & The MG's
to the Yardbirds. Perkins left the band in 1968. and went to work for Quin Ivy in Muscle Shoals. before heading out on the road with the likes of everyone from Free, to Fairport Convention, to Argent. to Unah Heep! Back in Muscle Shoals. Perkins went on to play on so many sessions that it would take a book to outline them all. He's on the Rolling Stones' "Black And Blue" album. Charles Nettles kept the Vikings going long enough to release a second single, this time on the Atlanta-based Lowery label. a single that sounds a lot like Mercury-era New Colony Six.
"Come On And Love Me" captures the Vikings at their peak, and was produced by Ed Boutwell. whose name appears on countless Alabama 45s of the 60s.

3) Under My Thumb- The Mishaps (Jagger-Richards) ABCKO Music. BMI., 2:46 - Released on the Hemphill (4672) label in the summer of 1968 and b/w "One Too Many Mornings". The band came from the Birmingham suburb of Midfield and were well known for their psychedelic renditions of populär tunes of the day. Their debut 45 (Hemphill 4281) featured "Come On Up" b/w "If I Were A Carpenter" and was released just three weeks prior to "Under My Thumb". Two other 45's were released between 1968-1969 on the Crown Ltd. Label.

4) Set Me Free- The Stolen Children (Randy Wiggms). War Bonnett Music. BMI. 3:05
Released in February. 1967 on the Tomahawk (102) label and b/w „I‘m Alive". this combo hailed from the town of Valley, Alabama, right on the state line with Georgia. The original lineup featured Larry Andrews on rhythm guitar. Darris Knowles on lead guitar. Tommy Ledford on keyboards. and Ronnie Yarborough on drums. Needing to replace a departing bass player. the group auditioned Randy Wiggins. who was several years younger than the rest of the guys. The Name "Stolen Children" was thought up by managers Shawn Murphy and Bruce Andrews, who also got them gigs opening for big name groups that toured through the
area. including The Box Tops. Tommy James & The Shondells. & Billy Joe Royal.
In the summer of 1967, the band traveled up to New York City and played at the populär showcase Club, The Metropol, and auditioned for a few major labels, though nothing came
of it.

5) Just Glve Me Time- The “In" (Land/Larkin), Acuff*Rose Music. BMI., 2:46
Released on the Hickory (1413) label in 1966 and b/w "In The Midnight Hour", this Huntsville band also saw these two songs released as separate "A" sides on Sony Limbo's "Sonny” label that same year.

6) ThinkM- George Wallace, Jr. (DeLorme, LaBarre, Silva,Morgan), (Farne Publishing, BMI., 2:43
Released on the B-Bob (7202) label in 1968 and b/w "Cotton Fields". Yes. this was the son of the infamous late Governor of Alabama,
George Wallace. His only release, George Jr. is still very active in state politics to this day.

7) Sun Arise- This Slde Up (Ronnie Seite!), Sheri Gien Publications, BMI, 2:45
Released in August. 1966 on the Prestige Productions (PP66-151) label and b/w "Why Cant I Dream?", this band started out as The Romans in 1963 whose members came from Ramsey and Shades Valley High Schools in Birmingham. Alabama. This Side Up was made up of members from this group: David Rosenthal (Lead vocals, drums), Ronnie Seitel (Lead Guitar), John Sherill (Bass). After adding Frank Friedman (Vocals Rhythm guitar), Stewart Royal (Keyboards), and Alan Arkus ( Drums), This Side Up' was formed and the music began. Most of the members went to Shades Valley High School except Alan who lived in Anniston, Alabama. 'This Side Up’ played all over the Birmingham area and the Southeast mcluding Alabama, Tennessee, Florida, Louisiana, and Georgia. They wrote and published many songs, among them: "Why Can t I Dream", "Beside Myself", “Sun Arise“, "l’m Free" and others. "Why Cant I Dream'" was produced by the band on the Prestige label. It and side two, "Sun Arise", were written by Ronnie Seitel with Sheri-Glen.
Alan Arkus and Stewart Royal left the band for other pursuits. Art Shilling came in to play the keyboards and help with vocals. David began playing the drums and singing lead vocals The band had over the years enlisted the assistance of several people that helped and supported them: Jeffery Schulmister, Neal Marlow, and Kenny Rogoff were their roadies.
They incorporated stage pranks. light shows, and props to complement the music.
While playing a set from the Sgt. Pepper‘s album, a local DJ came up to the band asked if they had played a Beatle record and he was blown away to learn that we were actually playing the music. Later that year. This Side Up entered and won a ’Battle of the Bands' sponsored by WSGN Radio and Capital Records. They received $600 cash and a contract
to record on Capitol records. The best part was the band had only played two songs! They recorded in Nashville and released a single entitled "Book A Trip" written by Buddy Buie and James Cobb. The session was produced by Kelso Herston. They were then managed by Budie Buie who was the producer and writer of many acts including The Classics IV. The James Gang, and others. They played on shows with Lee Dorsey, The Candymen, and Sam the Sham The band broke up around 1968. Frank started the now famous
'Wet Willie Band'. Art went on to play with the band Cowboy and later, as an actor, he appeared in Matlock: Unsolved Mysteries and a series of commercials.

8) Smokestack Lightning- The Distortions (C. Burnett), Arc Music, BML. 2:23
Released on the Sea (102) label in April. 1966 and b/w "Hot Cha". The band came from Birmingham and along with the Rockin' Rebellions. the Distortions were the cit^s top teen crown pleasers. Their first three singles were issued on the Sea label. "Smokestack Lightning" was also issued on the Malcolm Z. Dirge label in August of 1966 as the "B" side to "Behind My Wall", an original tune and the band's biggest seller in Montgomery and Birmingham This prompted several record label scouts to present signing offers to the group, with the Mercury label winning out. Mercury placed "Behind My Wall" on their Smash label subsidiary a couple of months later. The Distortions continued to perform well into the
late 60's. releasing singles on Malcom Z. Dirge and the Casino label from New Orleans in 1967 and Capitol in 1968, but all pale in the throes of "Smokestack Lightning"
(Mike Markesich).

9) Love Doesn't Happen In A Day- The Outlets (The Outlets). Songville Music Publishing, BMI., 2:35
Released on the Prestige Productions (226-1) label in the fall of 1967 and b/w "Blue Skies". The band hailed from the town of Anniston, Alabama

10) Just A Drlftin'- The Movement (Buck Williams). Hemphill Music, BMI, 2:00
Not much is known of this band other than we make the year of the recording to be 1968. Released on the Hemphill label (PRP4142) and b/w "Dear Abby", the band was believed
to be from Midfield, Alabama. This is the second release by the band; their first 45 was the patchy and snotty "Green Knight" issued on the Tinker labet (Mike Markesich).
This song has a great Rhodes piano sound coupled with a daydream-type of ballad.

11) Somebody's Son- The Tikls (Self). Chu-Fin Music, BMI.. 2:37
Released on the Dial (4048) label in 1966 and b/w „Little Miss Lovelight". The band actually formed around 1960 in Dothan. Alabama and were adept at all styles of music. Their earlier 45s were mostly pop efforts, but the instrumental "Big Feet". issued on the Minaret label, were done prior to the onslaught of the British Invasion.
Once the Fab Four hit US shores. the Tiki’s updated their sound and were signed to United Artists in 1964. Two singles were released on the Ascot label in 65 and *66, then the group signed with the Dial label imprint alter a tour of the mid-south. Some of their music was produced and recorded by Finley Duncan in Valpariso, Florida. Len Wade, a founding member of the band, later went on to a solo career on Dial and United Artists. "Somebody's Son" was a sizeable hit for them in the south, but never broke through nationally.

12) Come Back To Me- String & The Beans (C. Fulford/R. Robinson). Lyresong Music. BMI. 2:15- Recorded in January 1966 on the Fat City label and b/w "When I Get That Feeling". They were from Birmingham and played local ly as well as in Northern Georgia and the Carolinas. The band featured the songwriting/guitar talents of Craig Fulford, who went onto other musical endeavors in the 1970 s (Mike Markesich). Max's assessment sums it all up:" Come Back To Me is chock full of heartbreak but manages to include some glorious tortured guitar."

13) Inspiration- The Preachers (Keller/Norris). Sheri-Glen Music. BMI., 3:22- Released on the RE (1003) label in September, 1966 and b/w" Hallowed Ground", the band hailed
from Birmingham. Their Dylanesque-sounding track was released on the Righteous Enterprises label, owned by the Righteous Brothers. The band were a populär mainstay at many of the city*s top Clubs.

14) Better Stop Your Lying- The Cltations (Bunker Hill), Farne Publishing. BMI., 2:20- Released on the Tuscumbia (1001) label in 1965 and b/w "Now l'm Gone". The group
featured Bunker Hill but little else is known about them.

15) Hey Joe- The Outer Mongolian Herd (Bill Roberts). Third Story Music, BMI., 2:09- Released on the Daisy (4847) label in January, 1968 and b/w "I Want To Love You (Scared)”.
A mystery crew that recorded for a Binningham-based label. these guys laid down one of the finer versions of "Hey Joe", a garage band staple that never sounds tired or dated!!
(Mike Markesich).

16) Get Away- The Swingin' Lamp Liters (T. Calton), Sheri- Glen Music, BMI., 2:14- Released on the Vaughn-Ltd. (754) label in June, 1967 and b/w" Little Latin Lupe Lu". A high- school teen combo from Birmingham. Lead Singer AI Lovoy was the younger brother of Henry Lovoy. who played in one of Birmingham's top groups "The Rockin' Rebellions" (Alabama Volume 1). The group formed in 1965 and by the time this 45 was released, the band consisted of AI Lovoy on lead vocals, Tom Calton on lead guitar, Jeff Worth on bass. Gary Swacell on organ, and Charlie Carboni on drums. The 45 was recorded at Ed Boutwell's Studio, which was really an old church converted to a makeshift Studio. After the demise of the band in 1968, Tom Calton kept playmg in various groups, and by the late 70‘s formed a group called "Hotel", which got signed to a big national label and released
a few LPS which were regional sellers (Mike Markesich).

17) I Need You- The W.C. Dorns (R. Jenings), 2:41 - Released on the WCD (1001) label in 1967 and b/w "lf I Ask You", the name of the band was actually a misprint. Their real
name was "W.C. Doan" (We Can't Decide On A Name!!). Hailing from the small town of Valley. Alabama, the band would later go on to release the psychedelic opus "Poppy"
on the Galileo label in 1969.

18) I Need You- The Bassmen (B. Van Santte). 2:48, - Released on the Vaughn-Ltd. (101) label in 1966 and b/w "Leigh Anne". The band embraced the Dave Clark 5 style of British Invasion into their music; however, their hometown remains a mystery to this day.

19) Keep On Runnlng, Girl- The Hackers (The Hackers), 2:16. - Released on the Florence, Alabama JJ's (003) label in 1967 and b/w "Angel Love". Del Shannon certainly
influenced their musical style; but again, no trace of their origins exist.

20) Double-Shot- The K-Otlcs (Holler-Smith), Lyre/Wind Songs, BMI, 1:52 Released in March, 1966 on the Fortune (1000) label and b/w Tm Leaving Here", it was later released
on the Bang label for national distribution. The K-Otics Version of "Double Shot" was released at virtually the same time as The Swingin' Medallion's Version. Both were covers of Dick Holler & The Holiday's original. While The Medallions scored the national hit, the K-Otics Version edged it out in the state of Florida.
They had two earlier 45s on the Sea-Cap and Rick labels which both featured the same A Side "Chariena". The group formed at Troy State University in Troy, Alabama in 1962.
After all but one of the original members left College, remaining member Tommy Mann recruited players from around his hometown of Tallassee and Tuskegee, Alabama.
The final line- up appearing on this recording featured Tommy Mann on lead vocals, Kim Venable on drums. Marvin Taylor on lead guitar, and Ray Goss on bass. Kim Venable
would later go on to play with The Classics IV when drummer Dennis Yost was moved up front for lead vocalist.

21) I Spy- The Weejuns (Gist/Quilton), Quinvy Music. BMI., 2:21- Released on the Quinvy (167) label in November, 1966 and b/w "Out Of The Clear Blue Sky". The band hailed from the Sheffield/Muscle Shoals area and formed In 1962. Featuring Jimmy "Be-Bop“ Evans on drums, Jerry Hodges on vocals, Bob Killen on keyboards, Jerry Rogers on guitar,
Jimmy Rogers on bass and backing vocals. and Blair Stewart on guitar and backing vocals. The band played on until 1969. performing on the Southem-Eastem Circuit throughout Alabama and Tennessee. Just one 45 was released. recorded at Quinn Ivy's Studio in Sheffield, Alabama. Four of the original line-up got together in 1992 for the Muscle Shoals Bands Of The 60's reunion concert, captured on CD, where they performed their covers- "Gimme Some Lovin", "Gloria", and Bruce Channel's "Hey Baby".

22) You're Playing With Flre- The Male (Carter/Lewis), Peer International. BMI., 2:20- Released on the Quinvy (7006) label in 1969 and b/w "Over My Head", this Muscle Shoals area band recorded this 45 at Quin Ivy's Studio in Sheffield. Alabama.

23) I Want To Be Her Man- The Lost Chords-(J Whitworth), Sunalee Music, BMI, 2:32- Released in March, 1966 on the Vaughn-Ltd (725) label and b/w "I Won't Have To Worry",
this Birmingham, Alabama band had a real knack for sultry garage sounds.

24) l'm Alive- The Stolen Children (Clint Ballard, Jr.), Camel Back Mountain Music, BMI., 2:21- See track 4 above for information.

25) Somethin' Like A Man- The Versatiles (T. Previto). Gulf Stream Music, BMI. 2:39- Released in September, 1967 on the Rickarby (107) label and b/w "Warm In The Rain", this Mobile band featured Jerry Smith on rhythm guitar, P.J. Johnson on drums. David Smith on bass, and Daryl Huffman on lead guitar and keyboards. They were one of the most populär attractions in the Port City area in the late 60's and played the venues such as The Stork Club and The Happening. It was fairty common for the band to be flanked by
a few lovely ladies dressed up in go-go outfits!!

GF192- Psychedelic States: Alabama in the 60's- Volume 2 Copyright, 2002- Gear Fab Records Total Time- 62:21
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