gbflag 80 rare versions of hey joe. Only the ones that I've not found on the internet.
Exception Human Beingz because the sound of the version on youtube is bad (distortion)
link to the rar file: clic here for to download
frflag 80 rares versions de hey joe. Seulement celles que je n'ai pas trouvées sur internet.
Exception Human Beingz car le son de la version sur youtube est mauvais (distorsions)
lien vers fichier rar: cliquez ici pour télécharger

  Performers performer from Hey Joe
year, cover
Duration Hey joe from
1 Adels Puro Malto Caltanisseta, Italia 2002
Hendrix cover 
7:40 Wild Wild Live 
2 Adrian Byron-Burns Great Britain 1998
Hendrix cover 
5:45 CD  Ah Koo Stick Too
solo live album recorded in Bretagne, France, 1994 
3 Aktivist Seine-Saint-Denis, France 2000
Hendrix cover 
5:52 LP  Toujours Aktif
4 B75 Germany 1998
Hendrix cover 
7:06 CD  Accordion Rock
5 Bassholes Columbus, Ohio, USA 1994
Hendrix cover 
2:45 7" single  Hey OJ (words : Laurie Colson) / Rout
6 Bo Weevils Melbourne, Australia 1985
Leaves cover 
7:33 LP  The Trapped In the Garage
Hey Joe  unreleased demo 1985
7 Boss Tweeds Worcester, Massachusetts, USA 1968
Leaves cover 
3:14 CD  Live at Lucifer's in Newport, Rhode Island, USA in 1968
8 Bouys Detroit, Michigan, USA 1967
Leaves cover 
2:31 7" single  Hey Joe / tax man
9 Calder's Collection South Africa 1969
Hendrix cover 
5:57 LP  Wanted - Hey Joe vocals by Peter Vee
10 Chris Wilson-Shane Omara Melbourne, Australia 1994
Hendrix cover 
4:42 CD  Live & Recorded By vol 1
At 3RRR, Skull Cave, November 1994
11 Clee's Five Zottegem, Belgium 1967
Hendrix cover 
3:37 LP  Jerkwith the Clee's Five
12 Cult Bradford, England 1985
Hendrix cover 
7:36 CD  Lizard In A Bottle
Hey Joe recorded at The Fridge, Brixton, London, England
on June 15, 1985
13 Dain Bramige feat. Dave Grohl USA 1985
Hendrix cover 
4:12 DVD Live in Burke, Virginia 20th december 1985
14 Dj Eiffel France? 2005
Hendrix cover 
3:41 CD  Dance Masters: Tic, Tic Tac
15 Drunk John Lennon New York City, New York, USA 1989
Hendrix cover 
3:38 7" single  Hey Toe (sung to the tune of Hey Joe) /
Wanna Hold Yer Gland
16 Drys Slutningen, Denmark 1968
Leaves cover 
2:46 CD  Beatcookies 4
20 danish blues, soul and Psyche tracks 1968-70
17 Eugene Chadbourne Greensboro, North Carolina, USA 2001
Hendrix cover 
4:51 CD  Jimi 2:
recorded live at Jimi Hendrix Tribute Festival
in Reggio Emilia, Italy in November 2001
18 Fabulous Troubadores USA (Wisconsin?) 1970
Hendrix cover 
3:22 7" single 
side A: Rex Swanigan & the Fabulous Troubadores:
Tribute to Jimi Hendrix
side B: Marvin Duncan & the Fabulous Troubadores: Chester
19 Fragile Zookeeper Fargo, North Dakota, USA 1966
Leaves cover 
2:52 CD  Free Flight
unreleased Dove recording studio cuts 1964-1969
20 Glisson Greenville, North Carolina, USA 1983
Hendrix cover 
6:14 LP  Same
21 Hans Reffert  Germany 1996
Freaky version
7:30 CD  Zauberfinger
Hommage à Lou Reed + Duane Eddy
Hey Joe contents parts of The Lion sleeping Tonight 
22 Herman Brood Holland 1985
Hendrix cover 
3:16 CD  Bühnensucht, Herman Brood Live
Recorded live at Parkzicht, Rotterdam, NL, 1985
Song Checkin'out (Hey Joe)
23 Hiram Bullock Trio New York City, New York, USA 1995
Hendrix cover 
4:01 CD  Jazz A gogo: live at the Jazz Club Akwarium
in Warsaw, Poland on March 18, 1995
24 Hot Dogs (French) Arras, France 1967
Hendrix cover 
3:10 7" EP Hey Joe / St Louis blues /
long tall shorty / le temps des pleurs
25 Human Beingz Youngstown, Ohio, USA 1967
Leaves cover 
2:07 7" single  Hey Joe / Spider Man
26 IND (In New Descent) Winston Salem, North Carolina, USA 1999
Hendrix cover 
5:51 CD  Big Top (Hey Joe= hidden track) 
27 Jammin' The Blues Berne, Switzerland 1982
Hendrix cover 
  LP Open-Air Arbon Live 1982
live in Arbon, Switzerland on June 19, 1982
28 Jane's Addiction Los Angeles, California, USA  2001
Hendrix cover 
3:10 11-07-01 in Seattle, WA USA (July 11, 2001)
29 Javier Batiz Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico 2004
Hendrix cover 
8:10 CD  El Baul Del Brujo Vol 5
30 Jeff Sato Tokyo, Japan 2007
Hendrix cover 
7:22 CD  Feedback! Play Beck! Meet Hendrix!
31 Johnny and his Snakes Nykøbing Falster, Denmark 1967
Hendrix cover 
3:21 CD  Johnny and his Snakes Live 1966-1967
32 Johnny Vortex (band) Austin, Texas, USA 2002
Hendrix cover 
4:36 CD  Things exposed That Shouldn't Exist
33 Juke Joints Kwadendamme, Holland 1989
Hendrix cover 
6:09 LP  Live In brogum Zierikzee, Holland, 25th november 1989
34 Kek66 Amsterdam, Holland 199?
Leaves cover 
2:37 CD  Today Is Just tomorrow's Yesterday Vol. 3
35 Lam Morisson Thailand 196?
Hendrix cover 
6:42 audio tape V.I.P. Guitar King
36 Lee Lozowick Prescott Valley, Arizona, USA 2007
Hendrix cover 
8:08 CD  Live in europe
Hey Joe live at Festival Les Jeudis de l'été
in Ploemeur, France, on August 2nd, 2007
37 Lemonheads Great Britain 1990
Hendrix cover 
2:41 7" single  with along Goard German Magazine n°3
38 Les Variations band formed in Paris, France 1974
Hendrix cover 
4:38 CD  Olympia 1970 and 1974  - Hey Joe in 1970
39 Lotsa Poppa Atlanta, GA, USA 90's?
Hendrix cover 
5:11 CD  Live at Blind Willie's, in Atlanta, GA, USA in the 90's
(maybe on June 19, 2000: Lotsa Poppa's Blues Party)
40 Luky Schrempf Band Linz area, Austria 1987
Hendrix cover 
3:58 LP  Her Mit Der Computer
41 Macabre Chicago, Illinois, USA 1989
Hendrix cover 
1:28 CD  Gloom
songHey Laura Dan
42 Manchild California, USA 1972
Leaves cover 
43 Mario Capitanio Bern, Switzerland song Hei Housi
Hendrix cover 
4:28 CD  Vo Jimi bis Hendrix
44 Mass Confusion New York (Brooklin), NY, USA 1969
Leaves cover 
5:42 7" single  Hey Joe / Without You
recorded at Century records, Bayport, N.Y., USA
45 Mechanics Bodmin, Cornwall, England 1998
Hendrix cover 
7:23 CD  Mechanics at Work
recorded in Devon and Corwall, England in August-October'98
46 Michael Powers and Richard Lee New York City, NY, USA 1997
Hendrix cover 
9:42 CD  Spirits a tribute to Miles Davis and Jimi Hendrix
recorded live at Terra Blues, NYC, December 1997
47 Millburnaires Millburn, New Jersey, USA 1968
Hendrix cover 
3:48 LP  Straight Shooter
48 Mitch Mitchell and Billy Cox England and USA 2004
Hendrix cover 
5:37 CD  Freedom recorded live at Fuji Rock Festival 04
in Japan on July 31, 2004
49 Moods Austin, Texas, USA 1969
Hendrix cover 
3:33 LP  Live at Turner Hall
50 More Experience Basel, Switzerland 1990
Hendrix cover 
5:35 LPYes we are, Plays JHimi Hendrix
live  June, 8th and 9th, 1990
51 Mothers Orphans USA 1968
Leaves cover 
3:02 7" single  Hey Joe / Does she still
52 New York Metropolitan Orchestra New York City, NY, USA 1996
Hendrix cover 
4:38 CD  New York Metropolitan Orchestra
hey joe instrumental
53 One 898 Galaxy Cobleskill, NY, USA 1997
Hendrix cover 
4:13 CD  HEY E OJ - song HEY E OJ
54 Othello Smith Republic of Trinidad and Tobago? 1968
freaky version 
3:02 LP  The Big Ones go ska
55 Palace Steppes Exeter, Great Britain 1968
Leaves cover 
3:42 audio tape Trip Up
56 Pancake Winnenden, Germany 2002
Hendrix cover 
4:47 CD  No illusions: Hey Joe bonus track
live at Walter's birthday on April 6, 2002
57 Peewee Bluesgang Iserlohn, Germany 1987
Hendrix cover 
9:14 LP  A Soft Suicide - recorded live on 1st August 1987
at the "Jovel Cinema" in Münster, Germany 
58 Pinguin Moschner-Joe Sachse Germany 1996
Hendrix cover 
5:33 CD  If 69 Was 96? Tribute To Jimi Hendrix
59 Playboys (French group) Nice, France 1985
Leaves cover 
3:13 LP  Girl
60 Primitives Tahiti,  French Polynesia 1998
Hendrix cover 
4:03 CD  Pacific Reggae
61 Rainbow Bridge Band USA 1988
Hendrix cover 
3:52 LP  A Tribute To Jimi Hendrix
62 Riviera Playboys Rochester, NY, USA  2003
Leaves cover 
3:22 CD  Go Primal!!! Limited edition Europe tour 2003
63 Rock Pile Kennett, Missouri, USA 1969
Leaves cover 
2:58 7" single  Hey Joe / Don't let me down
recorded at Kennett Sound Studios in Kennett, Missouri, USA
64 Ron Johnson Trio Vancouver, BC, Canada 1968
Hendrix cover 
4:14 LP  Jazz The Ron Johnson Trio: Canadian radio broadcast
recorded at Aragon Recording Studios
in Vancouver, BC, Canada on March 27th, 1968
65 Saigon Kick Miami, Florida, USA 1989
Hendrix cover 
4:00 CD  The Early days / Live and Rares
Hey Joe live at the Reunion Room
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA on December 31, 1989
66 Savage Rose San Juan, Copenhagen, Denmark 1973
Leaves cover 
2:25 3 CD's boxset Various  Derfa Hvor Vi Stod
Dansk Rock 1966 to 1976
67 Scorpions Moutier, Switzerland 1966
Hendrix cover 
2:48 7" EP No no no, L'ombre du noir, Hey Joe, Say
68 Shigeo Rollover Matsusaka, Japan 1995
Hendrix cover 
5:29 CD  Live At the electric ladyland 1995
Tribute to Jimi Hendrix
69 Shimon Holly Israel 1988
Hendrix cover 
3:45 LP  The Owl
70 Sound Of Seasons Denmark 1967
Hendrix cover 
4:06 CD  Flower Pottest Hits
Danish Garage Bands - 22 tracks 1967-69 
71 Stems Perth, Australia 1986
Leaves cover 
3:51 CD  Killer Weed
Hey Joe live at Old Melbourne, in Perth, Australia, 1986
72 Terence and Tight Wire Oklahoma, USA 1982
Hendrix cover 
2:25 LP  The Eighth Day (Promotional Album)
Hendrix Trilogy=7:57 
73 The Pair Extraordinaire Canada 1978
Hendrix cover 
10:32 LP  Live The Maritimes
live at keddy's Motor Inn, in Truro, Nova Scotia, Canada
on September 30, 1978
74 Tip Band (Unknow Artist) unknow (label: TIP records) 1973
Hendrix cover 
2:54 2 LP  Hits Iinstrumantals Volumes 6 & 7
75 U 235 Kunsgarden, Sweden 2004
Hendrix cover 
5:26 CD  Woodstocking Blues
Live At Kungspizzerian in Kungsgarden, Sweden
on November 28, 2004
76 Vince Martell of Vanilla Fudge Glassborg, NJ, USA 2003
Hendrix cover 
4:47 CD  Psychedelic Cymbals - Tribute to Jimi Hendrix
77 Widows Lemon Grove, California, USA 2009
Leaves cover 
2:00 LP  Critical Massacre
78 Willie K. Hawaii, USA 1993
Hendrix cover 
6:41 CD  Out Of The bBue
79 Young Pennsylvanians Kobe, Japan 1966
Leaves cover 
3:51 CD  The Incredible Sound of...
80 Zwinks Denmark 1967
Hendrix cover 
2:41 Book and CD  En Rod El Guitar Med Vibrator
author of book is henrik A. Bengtsen