Mandisa CD Neon Heights and Friends front PERFORMER / INTERPRÈTE: mandisa
Album Title (titre de l'album): NEON HEIGHTS & FRIENDS
Version of Hey Joe: song Hey Joe-nnm mix (Hey Joe)
Female singer - Hendrix cover
in English
Duration of Hey Joe: 4:25
Musical genre / Genre musical: Electronic
Medium (Support): CD
Cat. Number (Référence): EPIKCD02
Mono / Stereo: Stereo
Origin of medium: Russia
©: recorded (enregistré): 2004
®: released (paru): 2004
Country of interpreter: Female singer from USA
Mandisa born Mandisa Lynn Hundley: Vocals
Website (w/ Hey Joe):

Mandisa Hundley was born and raised in Citrus Heights, California. She resides in the suburban Nashville community of Antioch, Tennessee, USA

This is a RARE beast. A very limited edition compilation CD that was compiled especially for the third birthday party of Club Cult in Moscow, Russia. All of the tracks contained here are unavailable including special releases, b-sides, rarities, advance mixes from the likes of FUG, AKWAABA, BAD PRODUCTION, NEON HEIGHTS,YAP ZEELAND, MAX SEDGELEY, IRFANE and SLEEPING GYPSY. Top remixes of Happy and Just a Lil Lovin. And the massive mash-up "I want You Black". New material never heard before from FUG and Neon Heights, Lost Dogs and Brown Fang. An awesome drum n bass remix of Mandisa's wicked version of the Jimi Hendrix classic "Hey Joe". WOW!!!
(text of the seller of the CD, 2004)

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Mandisa CD Neon Heights and Friends label

tracklist: performer - song title
1. Akwaaba - Rolande Zephone (Fug Mix) 5:34
2. Neon Heights - Come On Ova 2:48
3. Fug - Superchump 5:09
4. Mudd - Kerry's Caravan 3:37
5. Sleeping Gypsy - Triple T 3:48
6. Neon Heights - That's Entertainment (Amillionsons Mix) 5:55
7. Yap Zeeland - Warm Sunny Days 3:08
8. Lost Dogs - The Courgette Years 4:13
9. Max Sedgeley - Happy (Neon Heights Mix) 5:43
10. Neon Heights Vs Irfane - A Lil More Lovin 4:31
11. Shinobu - Major Tom 10:39
12. Brown Fang - Striking Match 3:10
13. Ground Control & Misterlong - Syphillis 5:44
14. Mandisa - Hey Joe (Nnm Mix) 4:27
15. Bad Production - I Want You Black 2:55

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Mandisa in early 2000 and in 2021

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