speed company cd i'll go crazy front PERFORMER / INTERPRÈTE: speed company
Album Title (titre de l'album): I'LL GO CRAZY TOUR 2001
Version of Hey Joe: Hendrix cover in English
Duration of Hey Joe: 4:43
Musical genre / Genre musical: Blues, Pop, Rock
Medium (Support): 2 CD
Cat. Number (Référence): -
Mono / Stereo: Stereo
Origin of medium: Germany
©: recorded (enregistré): 2001
®: released (paru): 2001
Country of interpreter: Band from Waldbronn, Germany
Members: (membres) Hubert Becker: Vocals, Bass
Janne Janura: Drums, Vocals
Frank Rebstock: Guitars
Website: http://www.speedcompany.de/crazy.htm
Live at V8 in Durmersheim, Germany in 2001

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