Added pictures (some of them enlarged) on pages of:

Shut Up (USA, 1986)

HENDRIX cover:
Buldo┼żer (Slovenia formely Yougoslavia, 1982)
Clas Yngström (of Sky High), UK
Curtis King Band (Vietnam, 2002)
David Parker (Germany, 1998)
Fungoid (Germany, 1994)
Funk Project (USA, 1994)
Herbert Hildebrandt (Germany, 2001) formerly named Karibik 2001 on my website. Karibik 2001 is the title of the CD.
Majek Fashek (USA, 1997)
Matthew Cadillac Cooper (Singapore, 2003)
Maz Mitrenko Band, UK
Michael Coleman (USA, 1994)
Mike Esposito (USA)
Ras Iginga (USA, 1995)
Ras Kente and Take No Prisoner Posse (USA, 1995)
Sky High (feat. Clas Yngström), UK
Tommie Bouzianis (Greece, 2000)
Unknow French Band (France, 90's)

LEAVES cover:
Mute Drivers (England, 1988)
Paul Wather (Sweden, 1967) Slavko Mustapić from Croatia sent me the scans of this rare single. I thank him very much
Sebastian's Floral Array (New Zealand, 1968)
Shadows Of Knight live in 2017 - from Youtube, video posted by Jim Sohns.

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Added pictures (some of them enlarged) on pages of:
HENDRIX cover:
Thanx (Austria),
Voodoo Blue (australia)
Voodoo Blues Band (USA)

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Willy DeVille: artworks - more 400 added pictures


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Added pictures (some of them enlarged) on pages of:
HENDRIX cover:
Frémont's Group
More (members list has been updated)
Rainbow / Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow / Blackmore's Night (4 pages, more 500 added pictures) artworks

LEAVES cover:
Zero End

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